President's Decision

Notion(s) Filing Case
Reconsideration Decision - 20.09.2010 NZABONIMANA Callixte
(ICTR-98-44D-AR7bis, ICTR-98-44D-AR7bis.2)

35. As recognised in the 5 May 2010 President’s Decision, the role of the President of the Tribunal under Rule 7bis (A) of the Rules is simply to transmit the judicial finding of the relevant Chamber to the Security Council.[1] The Appeals Chamber therefore agrees that “it is not within the jurisdiction of the President to replace the assessment of the Chamber about a Member State’s violation of Article 28 of the Statute at the request of a party with his own”.[2] Accordingly, once a Trial Chamber has rescinded its request under Rule 7bis of the Rules, the President is no longer seised of the matter and his subsequent decision not to report the matter to the Security Council cannot be successfully challenged on appeal.

[1] 5 May 2010 President’s Decision, para. 5 [The Prosecutor v. Callixte Nzabonimana, Case No. ICTR-98-44D-T, Decision on Nzabonimana’s Motion for the Implementation of the Order of Trial Chamber III of 4 March 2010 and for Allowing the Defence to Make Submissions Before the Security Council, 5 May 2010], referring to Blaškić Judgement on Request for Review [Prosecutor v. Tihomir Blaškić, Case No. IT-95-14-AR108bis, Judgement on the Request of the Republic of Croatia for Review of the Decision of Trial Chamber II of 18 July 1997, 29 October 1997], para. 37.

[2] 5 May 2010 President’s Decision, para. 9.

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