Behaviour not leading to a conviction

Notion(s) Filing Case
Appeal Judgement - 16.01.2007 NDINDABAHIZI Emmanuel

The Trial Chamber had found that the Appellant encouraged attackers to kill Tutsi women married to Hutu men without convicting the Appellant on this basis because it found that there was insufficient evidence to establish that his conduct directly and substantially contributed to the killing of these Tutsi women, or their children.[1] However, the Trial Chamber considered that the Appellant’s encouragement of the killing of Tutsi women who were married to Hutu could be considered as an aggravating factor.[2] The Appeals Chamber found in para. 141 that “[t]here was no contradiction in the Trial Chamber’s findings in this respect”. In the present case, the question of further aggravation of the sentence of life imprisonment needed not to be addressed.

[1] Trial Judgement, para. 474.

[2] See Trial Judgement, para. 508(iii).

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