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Decision on Revocation of Referral - 04.10.2016 UWINKINDI Jean

12.     […] the Trial Chamber’s statement that “the Mechanism’s role is not to act as an independent level of appellate review for the national proceedings, but rather to determine primarily whether the conditions for a fair trial in the domestic jurisdiction no longer exist” is entirely consistent with Article 6(6) of the Statute and Rule 14(C) of the Rules, which govern the Mechanism’s authority to revoke cases referred to national jurisdictions.


64.     The Appeals Chamber finds that Uwinkindi demonstrates no error in the Trial Chamber’s statement that it was not within its purview to scrutinize the Rwandan legal aid budget, inquire into its sufficiency, or verify its administration and disbursement, particularly in light of the conclusion that the circumstances in Rwanda ensured Uwinkindi’s right to free legal assistance.[1]

[1] See The Prosecutor v. Jean Uwinkindi, Case No. ICTR-01-75-AR11bis, Decision on Uwinkindi’s Motion for Review or Reconsideration of the Decision on Referral to Rwanda and the Related Prosecution Motion, 23 February 2013, para. 71 (recalling that a Referral Chamber must “satisif[y] itself that the State would supply defence counsel to accused who cannot afford their own representation” and is “not obligated […] to itemize the provisions of the [State’s] budget once it has learned there is financial support for that representation”). See also Prosecutor v. Mitar Rašević and Savo Todović, Case No. IT-97-25/1-AR11bis.1 & IT-97-25/1-AR11bis.2, Decision on Savo Todović’s Appeals against Decisions on Referral under Rule 11bis, 4 September 2006, para. 59; Prosecutor v. Željko Mejakić et al., Case No. IT-02-65-AR11bis.1, Decision on Joint Defence Appeal against Decision on Referral under Rule 11bis, 7 April 2006, para. 70; Prosecutor v. Radovan Stanković, Case No. IT-96-23/2-AR11bis.1, Decision on Rule 11bis Referral, 1 September 2005, para. 21. 

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IRMCT Statute Article 6(6) IRMCT Rule Rule 14(C)