Free translation services

Notion(s) Filing Case
Decision on Modalities of Self-Representation - 11.09.2007 KRAJIŠNIK Momčilo

Finally, the Appeals Chamber noted that a self-represented accused might be entitled to free translation services.

44. The Appeals Chamber further notes that all sides appear to agree that as an indigent self-represented accused, Mr. Krajišnik is entitled to Tribunal-funded translation assistance.[1]  This does not mean, however, that Mr. Krajišnik is entitled to assistance from a translator/interpreter of his choosing . […]

[1] In light of this general agreement, the Appeals Chamber need not specifically determine whether this right is rooted in Article 21(4)(b) of the Statute, Article 21(4)(f) of the Statute, or in some other  principle. While most of Mr. Krajišnik’s translation needs may be met by existing translations of documents (such as the existing translation of the Trial Judgement into B/C/S), the Appeals Chamber considers that provision of an interpreter/translator is necessary to enable Mr. Krajišnik to access certain residual material that has not been translated.

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