Impact of trauma

Notion(s) Filing Case
Appeal Judgement - 16.11.2001 MUSEMA Alfred

63.     The issue here is whether the Trial Chamber’s consideration of the impact of trauma was in accordance with the law. The established practice of both the Trial Chambers and the Appeals Chamber supports a finding that it was. Trial Chambers normally take the impact of trauma into account in their assessment of evidence given by a witness. This approach was properly adopted by the Trial Chamber in this case. Contrary to Musema’s assertion, the Appeals Chamber finds that such an approach is, in fact, favourable to him. Indeed, the fact that the Trial Chamber should take into account the impact of trauma on a witness’s memory implies the Trial Chamber’s awareness of such factors (as in the case of the passage of time) and of their possible effect on the ability of the witness to recount events impartially and accurately. 

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