Meaning of "final judgement"

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Decision on Review - 31.03.2000 BARAYAGWIZA Jean-Bosco

49.     The Chamber considers it important to note that only a final judgement may be reviewed pursuant to Article 25 of the Statute and to Rule 120[1]. […] The Chamber would point out that a final judgement in the sense of the above-mentioned articles is one which terminates the proceedings; only such a decision may be subject to review. Clearly, the [decision sought to be reviewed] belongs to that category, since it dismissed the indictment against the Appellant and terminated the proceedings.

[1] In this respect, the Appeals Chamber does not agree with the Decision on the Alternative Request for Renewed Consideration of Delalić’s Motion for an Adjournment until 22 June or Request for Issue of Subpoenas to Individuals and Requests for Assistance to the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IT-96-21-T, 22 June 1998), which suggests that interlocutory decisions can be subject to review. The Appeals Chamber confirms that the law is as stated above.

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