Raised by the Prosecution

Notion(s) Filing Case
Appeal Judgement - 23.01.2014 ŠAINOVIĆ et al.

250.   Recalling that waiver “should not entirely foreclose” indictment defects from being raised for the first time on appeal by the defence,[1] the Appeals Chamber notes that it has not previously considered whether waiver should preclude the Prosecution from arguing for the first time on appeal that its Indictment should have been interpreted differently, when it had been put on notice at trial that the Trial Chamber considered the Indictment to be defective. The Appeals Chamber observes that the rationale for allowing the Defence to raise such objections for the first time on appeal does not apply to the Prosecution who bears the obligation of ensuring that the indictment adequately pleads its case against the accused.

[1] See supra, para. 224.

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