Reconsideration proprio motu

Notion(s) Filing Case
Reconsideration Decision - 20.09.2010 NZABONIMANA Callixte
(ICTR-98-44D-AR7bis, ICTR-98-44D-AR7bis.2)

29. The Appeals Chamber considers that while a Trial Chamber may proprio motu decide to reconsider its own decision, this does not relieve it of its duty to hear a party whose rights may be affected by this reconsideration.[1]

[1] See Prosecutor v. Goran Jelisić, Case No. IT-95-10-A, Judgement, 5 July 2001, para. 27, referring to R. v. Barking and Dagenham Justices, ex parte Director of Public Prosecutions [1995] Crim LR 953, and Director of Public Prosecution v. Cosier, Q.B.D., 5 April 2000.

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