Registrar's responsibility for release

Notion(s) Filing Case
Decision on Relocation - 18.11.2008 NTAGERURA André

14. The Appeals Chamber recalls that in the Disposition of its Appeal Judgement, it directed the Registrar to take the necessary measures to effect the Appellant’s acquittal.[1] Where a person has been acquitted and all proceedings against him have been finalized, the Tribunal is obliged to release him from its detention facility. The Registrar’s responsibility in this respect is limited to making the necessary diplomatic, logistical, and physical arrangements for such release, taking into consideration, to the extent possible and as appropriate, the requests of the acquitted person.

[1] Disposition [The Prosecutor v. André Ntagerura et al., Case No. ICTR-99-46-A, Dispositif de l’Arrêt concernant l’Appel du Procureur s’agissant de l’acquittement d’André Ntagerura et Emmanuel Bagambiki, 8 February 2006], p. 2.

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