Retrial following an acquittal

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Decision on Scope of Partial Retrial - 31.05.2011 HARADINAJ et al.

26. The Appeals Chamber underscores that whether a retrial follows acquittal or conviction is not necessarily insignificant. However the context of each retrial is unique, and the impact of a previous conviction or acquittal can only be addressed by taking into account this individual context. Any potential for undue prejudice to a defendant in a retrial following an acquittal should be addressed through both the Appeals Chamber’s careful delineation of a retrial’s parameters and the Trial Chamber’s continuing duty to apply fair trial principles.[1] In this context, the Appeals Chamber directs the Trial Chamber, when determining the admissibility of evidence in the retrial, to be particularly mindful of any potential prejudice that the admission of new evidence may cause to the fair trial rights of the Accused. Where the Prosecution seeks to introduce evidence that was excluded in prior proceedings, the Trial Chamber should explicitly consider whether re-litigation of this same issue in the retrial would be unduly prejudicial. If such is the case, the evidence must be excluded.

[1] See Muvunyi Decision, para. 18, which states: “[a]ll fair trial principles governing trial also apply to the retrial proceedings.”

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ICTR Rule Rule 118(C) ICTY Rule Rule 117(C)