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Notion(s) Filing Case
Decision on Request of the USA for Review - 12.05.2006 MILUTINOVIĆ et al.

At para. 4, the Appeals Chamber recalled that there is no right of reply by a State in Rule 108bis proceedings[1] but – despite the fact that the USA did not request leave to file a reply – still considered it “in the interests of justice”.[2]

[1] Prosecutor v. Milošević, Decision on Request of Serbia and Montenegro for Review of the Trial Chamber’s Decision of 6 December 2005, 6 April 2006 (“Milošević Decision of 6 April 2006”), para. 15; Prosecutor v. Milošević, Case No. IT-02-54-AR108bis & AR73.3, Public Version of the Confidential Decision on the Interpretation and Application of Rule 70, 23 October 2002 (“Milošević Rule 70 Decision”), para. 4.

[2] Milošević Rule 70 Decision, para. 4.

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