Sadistic behavior

Notion(s) Filing Case
Judgement on Sentencing Appeal - 04.02.2005 NIKOLIĆ Dragan

27. The Appeals Chamber emphasises that while the Statute and the Rules do oblige Trial Chambers to take into account both the aggravating and the mitigating circumstances of a case, the determination of what can constitute an aggravating or a mitigating factor and what weight has to be attached to those is within their discretion.[1] A Trial Chamber’s decision may therefore only be disturbed on appeal if the Appellant shows that the Trial Chamber either erred in the weighing process involved in the exercise of its discretion by taking into account what it ought not to have, or erred by failing to take into account what it ought to have taken into account.[2]

28. The apparent enjoyment an accused may derive from his criminal act has already been considered as an aggravating factor by the International Tribunal.

[1] Čelebići Appeal Judgement, paras 716-717.

[2] Ibid., para. 780.

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