Application of the JCE doctrine to large-scale cases

Notion(s) Filing Case
Appeal Judgement - 03.04.2007 BRĐANIN Radoslav

The Appeals Chamber affirmed that the application of the JCE doctrine is not limited to relatively small-scale cases, such as involving only one municipality.

425.    […] It is true that in several cases of the Tribunal, the mode of liability of JCE was applied to relatively small-sized cases. However, that depended, and the decisions in question did not state otherwise, on the size of the cases themselves and not on the existence of a legal requirement that JCE apply only to small-scale cases. In view of the foregoing, the Appeals Chamber agrees with the Prosecution that the Trial Chamber erred in concluding that the mode of liability of JCE is not appropriate for cases as large as the one at hand.

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