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Decision on EDS Disclosure - 28.11.2013 MLADIĆ Ratko

40. The Appeals Chamber recalls that the time granted to the parties for trial preparation and presentation of evidence is well within the trial chamber's discretion since decisions on such issues depend on a number of factors specific to each case.[1] A trial chamber has the authority to limit the length of time allocated to the parties, but must balance the need for adequate time with the need for an expeditious trial, taking all relevant factors into consideration.[2] In so doing, the trial chamber must consider whether the amount of time allocated is objectively adequate to permit the relevant party to fairly set forth its case in light of the complexity and number of issues to be litigated.[3] When a party alleges that a trial chamber erred in its decision with regard to the amount of time allocated, the question before the Appeals Chamber is whether the trial chamber took into account the relevant factors and determined that the time given to the party was sufficient for allowing a fair opportunity to present its case and, if so, whether the trial chamber's analysis of these factors was so deficient or unreasonable as to constitute an error in the exercise of its discretion.[4]

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