Unlawful attacks against civilians

Notion(s) Filing Case
Appeal Judgement - 12.11.2009 MILOŠEVIĆ Dragomir

39. […] [T]he Appeals Chamber recalls the two-pronged test articulated in the Čelebići Appeal Judgement[1] and emphasizes that the focus of the analysis is to be placed on the legal elements of each crime, rather than on the underlying conduct of the accused.[2] With respect to the offence of unlawful attacks against civilians, the Appeals Chamber recalls that it requires proof of death or serious injury to body or health, which, as explained in paragraph 33 above, is not per se an element of the crime of terror. Conversely, the offence of terror requires proof of an intent to spread terror among the civilian population which is not an element of the crime of unlawful attacks against civilians. Therefore, the Appeals Chamber finds that each offence has an element requiring proof of a fact not required by the other, thus allowing cumulative convictions. The Trial Chamber’s conclusion to the contrary was, accordingly, erroneous.

[1] Čelebići Appeal Judgement, paras 412-413.

[2] Stakić Appeal Judgement, para. 356.

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ICTY Statute Article 3