Notion(s) Filing Case
Appeal Judgement - 19.10.2000 KAMBANDA Jean
(ICTR 97-23-A)

55. The Appeals Chamber notes that the Appellant had several opportunities to raise any issues of fact on the basis of which he now alleges that his guilty plea was invalid, but failed to do so until after receiving a life sentence for the guilty plea. In the absence of a satisfactory explanation of his failure to raise the validity of the guilty plea in a timely manner before the Trial Chamber, the Appeals Chamber could find that the Appellant has waived his right to later assert that his guilty plea was invalid.  However, as this is the Chamber of last resort for the Appellant facing life imprisonment on the basis of his guilty plea, and as the issues raised in this case are of general importance to the work of the Tribunal, the Appeals Chamber deems it important to consider the question of the validity of the guilty plea.

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