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Decision on Access (Perišić) - 27.04.2009 MILOŠEVIĆ Dragomir

13. The Appeals Chamber notes that, under Rule 70(B) of the Rules, information “provided to the Prosecutor on a confidential basis and which has been used solely for the purpose of generating new evidence […] shall not be disclosed by the Prosecutor without the consent of the person or entity providing the initial information”. The same restriction may be applied to information in possession of the Defence under Rule 70(F) of the Rules. In respect of motions seeking access to confidential material in another case, the Appeals Chamber has previously ruled that material provided under Rule 70 of the Rules shall not be released to the accused in another case unless the provider consents to such disclosure.[1] Accordingly, the Appeals Chamber holds that any material that has been provided to the Prosecution under Rule 70(B) of the Rules, in addition to any material that may have been provided to Milošević under Rule 70(F) of the Rules, shall not be released to Perišić unless and before the providers give their consent.

[1] Galić Decision [Prosecutor v. Stanislav Galić, Case No. IT-98-29-A, Decision on Momčilo Perišić’s Motion Seeking Access to Confidential Material in the Galić Case, 16 February 2006], para. 12, referring to Prosecutor v. Mladen Naletilić, aka “Tuta” and Vinko Martinović, aka “Štela”, Case No. IT-98-34-A, Decision on “Slobodan Praljak’s Motion for Access to Confidential Testimony and Documents in Prosecutor v. Naletilić and Martinović” and “Jadranko Prlić’s Notice of Joinder to Slobodan Praljak’s Motion for Access”, 13 June 2005 (“Naletilić Decision”) p. 8.

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